IBM PowerPC ThinkPad - How To Get Into The Firmware Prompt

2005-06-20 A fun little tip: you can get into the firmware prompt using these instructions:
  1. Press F4 at bootup to get into Easy Setup.
  2. Do not put a SMS floppy disk in the drive.
  3. Type in "eatabug" (without the quotes). If that doesn't work try "overthetime", "overthehill", "overthetop", "beammeup" and "topsecret".
  4. Firmware command prompt should be displayed.

Known to work on model 7247-822 with OF 1.0. Please report if it does or does not work on other models.

Further information, including things you can do while at the firmware prompt, is available here.

Thanks to Tero Kaarlela for the tip.

Please e-mail if you have any comments!

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