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IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850 and Supporting Options Provides Premium Power for Mobile Users

June 19, 1995
Announcement Number: 195-178




In Brief . . .

IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850, the highest performance, full-function member of IBM's ThinkPad family, provides your mobile workforce with:

With the body of a ThinkPad(R) and the soul of a PowerPC(TM), the IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850(TM) allows you to carry collaborative and conversational computing wherever you go. This premium-function mobile product extends IBM's ThinkPad family, with advanced features and blazing performance provided by its PowerPC 603e(TM) 100MHz processor.

All models of IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850 take mobile productivity one step further by offering a standard G10 Graphics with Motion Video Adapter for video I/O, a snap-in video camera option, and voice-over-data capability using standard modems, plus the floating point unit of the PowerPC 603e. Imagine having video conferences from your hotel room!

These features, plus additional built-in functions like a multisession CD-ROM, and audio I/O with microphone and stereo speakers, provide a system that is ideal for advanced collaboration and multimedia applications. Combine these features with those that have made the ThinkPad world-class -- brilliant active matrix 800x600 Black Matrix displays, the TrackPoint(R) III pointing device, PCMCIA expandability, and user-removable 1.2GB hard disk drives, and you have a product that is ready for your applications today and in the future. All this capability is wrapped in an award-winning, sleek, eight-pound system that meets the requirements for U.S. Energy Star compliance.

You can order your IBM ThinkPad Power Series 850 with the supported 32-bit operating system of your choice installed on its hard disk, or you can purchase the operating system separately to fully customize your system. Supported operating systems include:

Personal Conferencing for AIX(R) is provided with all AIX models.

Price: Prices starting at $6,699

Planned Availability Dates

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