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Hardware Withdrawal: IBM Power Series Products -- Replacements Available

February 20, 1996
Announcement Number: 996-043


Effective March 20, 1996, IBM will withdraw the following products and all associated features and part numbers from marketing in the IBM Personal Computer Company channel: Refer to the Product Withdrawals section for a detailed list of products being withdrawn.

You can obtain these products on an as-available basis through IBM authorized remarketers.

After March 20, 1996, Solution developers and IBM Microkernel Technology developers of the Power Series(TM) Developer's ToolBox Program can no longer obtain the Power Series products or software that was available through the Toolbox program.

Affected Product Information: All models of the 6040, 6042, 6050, and 6070 machine types are affected.

Replacement Product Information

                                                New Machine/
Withdrawn Product     Replacement Product       Model Number*
Personal Computer RISC System/6000(R) 7248-100/120/133 Power Series Model 43P 830/850

ThinkPad Power ThinkPad Power 7247-821/822/823 Series 820 Series 820

ThinkPad Power ThinkPad Power 7249-851/852 Series 850 Series 850

*     These replacement products are available in the AAS ordering
(TM)  Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the
      in the United States or other countries or both.
(R)   Registered trademark of International Business Machines
      Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.