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GAME Mac SimCity 2000 for Macintosh & Power Mac, great game!         $  21 CAD
original box, manuals, cd, everything

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 90020514 01/00 90020083 CD in original cardboard   $  86 CAD
sleeve with code; includes 5.0 version upgrade CD

CGA learning CD FA1 Level 1 2004 version Financial Accounting 1, CD  $  20 CAD
+ little booklet

Compton's Interactive encyclopedia 1995 ed, for Win3.1 or later      $   8 CAD

DBASE II v2.3D on 3 geniune 5.25" disks, no documentation; can't     $   2 CAD
seem to get the disks to read but I may have the wrong density drive or am
doing something wrong; sold as-is

DOS 5.0A OEM pack from Akran Systems includes 5.25" disks (still     $  41 CAD
sealed!), thick manual, original box

DRIVER DISK for EtherExpress 16 and 16TP LAN Adapter Diskette on 1   $  36 CAD
5.25" disk, 303844-010 303843-009, untested; plus Expert's Guide to
Configuring the Intel EtherExpress 16 and 16TP Boards 303775-001 plus support
& warranty cards

Data Becker Music Center, for Pentium 90, Win 95/98, good condition, $   8 CAD

Expert Software Forms, for Win95/3.1 386DX or higher, 3.5" floppy,   $   8 CAD
3disks/docs/box, IBSN 1-57709-143-4

Fujitsu Lifebook E Series Emergency Recovery CD (includes Windows    $  37 CAD
98SE) and Driver & Application Restore CD, PN FPC90-1075-01 & FPC90-1080-01,
2CD, only sold with non-peripheral hardware and should only be used for a
Fujitsu Lifebook

Grolier Encyclopedia 2001 multimedia; a pretty good product; OEM     $  12 CAD
version; guaranteed working

HomeTax T1 Final Deluxe Version 1998 Brian Costello; CD only;        $  29 CAD
Canadian version

I COPY DVDs 2 for use with LITE ON drive only 2003 for XP/2000/98/ME $  46 CAD
CD in paper sleeve with license codes on sticker on back

Infopedia, the ultimate mutlimedia reference tool, by Future Vision  $   8 CAD
Multimedia Inc., for Win3.1 or later, CD/docs/case 0068-0055-00

MANUAL Introduction to Netscape 6.2 big 343 page book/manual with CD $  13 CAD

MICROSOFT BOOKSHELF 2000 cd+case X03-67778 X03-67780, all original,  $  56 CAD
all good condition

MICROSOFT BackOffice 4 cd + case + cd key, all original; 321-075-175 $ 101 CAD
1196 96633

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2000 Advanced Server                               $  86 CAD
cd+floppy+manuals+box+COA+code, all original, all good condition

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2000 Professional cd+floppy+manuals+box+COA+code,  $  46 CAD
all original, all good condition

MISC SOFTWARE ON 5.25" FLOPPY; Microsoft Works for Windows branded   $   9 CAD
Leading Edge (4 disks); Timeworks Publish It! (8 disks); all disks untested
and sold as-is

MS Scenes Undersea Collection for Win3 geniune set of 2 3.5"         $   2 CAD
floppies, manual & auth.cert

Macmillan Digital CD Recording Studio, MP3 Compatible, for Win 95/98 $   8 CAD
or NT 4.0, near mint, CD/box

McAfee PC Medic 97, for Win 95, near mint, docs/box only (no         $   8 CAD

Microsoft Cinemania '95 OEM, PN 60022OEM 0-1258,                     $   8 CAD
CD/docs/case/COA/code, only sold with non-peripheral hardware

Microsoft Encarta '95 OEM, PN 59112OEM 0-1258,                       $   8 CAD
CD/docs/case/COA/code, only sold with non-peripheral hardware

Microsoft Golf OEM, PN 50167OEM 000-01258, CD/docs/case/COA/code,    $   8 CAD
only sold with non-peripheral hardware

Microsoft Money 98, Works 4.5, Encarta 98 COA with code (no CD)      $  19 CAD

Microsoft Money version 4.0 for Windows 95, CD-ROM, original jewel   $  56 CAD
case and CD Key; 105-056-005 105-056-006 0995 68664

Microsoft Office Standard version 7.0 for Windows 95, CD-ROM,        $  56 CAD
original jewel case and CD Key; 021-056-002 0595 62608 021-056-013 0795 62616

Microsoft Publisher '97 Deluxe CD retail version, for Win 95/NT, CD  $  37 CAD
only, 91375 91376 0696

Microsoft Windows 95 CD-ROM Setup Boot Disk only OEM 3.5" floppy     $  16 CAD
only, 5787-05 C00-44984; in strange CD sized case, no code, has printing on it
says "OSR2"

Microsoft Windows 95 How & Why and Starts Here OEM, PN 000-61344 CD  $   8 CAD
only, only sold with non-peripheral hardware, 000-61345

Microsoft Windows 95 OEM with USB support, PN 000-59944, CD only, no $  27 CAD
code, only sold with non-peripheral hardware

Microsoft Windows 95 OEM, PN 000-45234, CD only, no code, only sold  $   8 CAD
with non-peripheral hardware

Microsoft Windows 98 OEM manual with COA and code only (no CD)       $  30 CAD

Microsoft Windows 98 OEM manual with COA and code only (no CD); plus $  40 CAD
Windows 98 Starts Here CD and Win98 boot floppy

Microsoft Works 6.0 with Money 2002 and Encarta 2000; OEM CD + COA   $  30 CAD
sealed in original plastic bag; 13002-OEM-0002874-81054 X08-73026, sold as-is

Microsoft Works Suite 99; 5 CD's in original case with retail CD key $  40 CAD
code; includes small booklet manual

Microsoft Works version 4.5 OEM; X03-34376; cd only; no code (if     $  40 CAD

Norton AntiVirus 2006 retail box, original CD with code, original    $  19 CAD
manual, original box; full retail 1-year subscription version; code HAS been
used and may not reactivate without paying a new yearly fee (I'd say 50/50

Norton System Works 2000, original CD only, no box or docs; includes $  17 CAD
registration code; guaranteed working

Norton System Works 2001 Professional Pro with Norton Ghost          $  27 CAD
Personal, original CD only, no box or docs; retail (not OEM) version;
guaranteed working

Norton System Works 2002 Professional Pro with Norton Ghost          $  30 CAD
Personal, original box, docs & cd; retail (not OEM) version; guaranteed

Professor teaches Office 97, the fastest way to learn Office 97, for $   8 CAD
486/Pentium or higher Win95/98/3.1, CD only 0-918617-78-2 018527102138

QUICKLINK II fax s/w on 3.5" floppy, w/manual, for Win3 & DOS        $   2 CAD

QuickBooks 2001, Canadian ed, Academic Version, for Win 95/98/Me/NT  $  97 CAD
4.0/NT 2000, box in poor condition, CD/docs/box/code

REDHAT Professional Server 7.1 Red Hat retail box, near mint         $  32 CAD
condition, 9 CD's, original box in wrap (but unsealed), 4 big manuals plus a
few smaller pamphlets, should be all the original contents ISBN 1-58569-137-2

STATIONARY by ProVenture The Easiest Way to Create Professional      $  13 CAD
Stationary; CD; shrinkwrapped box; "works with Win 3.1 and Win95", not sure
about 98 or newer

Seagate Tape Diagnostic Utility disk + package; version 2; 10004352-  $  20 CAD
002 10004444-002

Seagate TapeStor Reference Manual 10004326-001 1997; near mint       $  20 CAD

Smart One FAX Modem User's Manual 9624FQ (2 available) and Quick     $  51 CAD
Start guide QSPCNV 1595 27173, plus bonus Delrina WinFax Lite User's Guide 00-
100-101-40002 and 2 3.5" disks

Stacker 4.0 upgrade (requires older version), for DOS & Win3.0/3.1,  $   8 CAD
box good condition, 2disks/docs/box

Stacker software, version 2.0, for DOS & Win3.0, box good condition, $   8 CAD
lower right corner of manual bent back, disks(1x3.5+2x5.25)/docs/box

Symantec AntiVirus 10.1 25 user retail box business pack, original   $ 159 CAD
box, CD, manuals, code; code may have been previously activated so not sure if
can re-activate; this software is definitely not being used in the previous
installation anymore

Symantec pcAnywhere 32 version 8.0, for Win95/NT, includes version   $  18 CAD
for Dos/Win3.1, CD/docs/case

TIMEBILLING by Makisoft minimum Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, includes CD-    $  16 CAD
ROM, box, manuals

TURBO PASCAL 7.0 on 4 genuine 3.5" floppies (no docs or box)         $  45 CAD

Top 50 Essential Legal Forms Canadian ed (outside QC) 1998 version,  $   8 CAD
for everyday business use, Global Starr Software, for use with WordPerfect 6.1
or better or Word 97 or better, unoppened CD/docs/case

VERSACHECK Versa Check MIPS check/cheque printing software lets you  $  39 CAD
create your own bank checks from special blanks; works well in win 3.1/95/98
under Word 6/7/97, but doesn't work well (or at all) with newer Windows and
Word; 2 x 3.5" floppies plus original box & manual; includes about 100 pages
of 3-up checks (300 checks) blanks for you to use; compatible with inkjets and
lasers; I personally used this for ages with my old computer and it works
great, better than paying gobs of money to NEBS

VGA Planets version 3 by Tim Wisserman; 1 x 3.5" floppy disks,       $  21 CAD
excellent condition, but previous owner's name neatly written in pen on it;
disk only

VGA Planets version 3.5 for Windows by Tim Wisserman; 3 x 3.5"       $  21 CAD
floppy disks, excellent condition; disks only

VIRUCIDE PLUS 4.0 from Parsons/Intuit, Great virus check/protect     $   4 CAD
program for DOS/Win/Win95, floppy version upgraded and upgradable

WINDOWS 95 OEM CD-ROM only                                           $  41 CAD

WINDOWS 98 SE 2nd edition OEM; CD + manual + COA; includes Microsoft $  90 CAD

WINDOWS 98 original version; manual + COA, but no CD; does include   $  63 CAD
"starts here" CD however

WINFAX Pro Version 8.0 Hassle Free Faxing; CD (no manual)            $  30 CAD

WORDPERFECT Family Pack 2 Corel Home Computing Made Easy; 7 CD's;    $  40 CAD
thick manual; retail box; Win95 and Win98, not sure about newer

WORKS Suite 2001 Includes Word, Works, Money, Picture it Express,    $  60 CAD
Encarta Encyclopedia, Home Publishing, Expedia Streets & Tips; 7 CD's; retail
box; includes COA and code; works with win95/98/Me/2000 (and maybe newer)

WORKS Suite 2006 Includes Word, Works 8, Money, Digital Image,       $  72 CAD
Encarta Encyclopedia, Streets & Tips; 1 DVD; OEM jewel case; includes COA and
code; works with win95/98/Me/2000/XP



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