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LAPTOP FLOPPY DRIVE 3.5" for Fujitsu E series (and maybe others),    $  34 USD
goes in flex-bay (fits CD, floppy or battery), P/N CP030590-01, Model
FPCFDD09, should work fine

NOTEBOOK CTX EzBOOK 700E AMD 233MHz, working except for 2 problems:  $ 205 USD
1. the CD and floppy drives won't register as being there, a connection must
be loose on the mainboard; 2. have 2 power supplies but they are both blown
(never plug in when both batteries are installed!). Otherwise in perfect shape
(working display, kb, mouse, hard drive). 32MB RAM, 2 still-ok batteries, 2
(dead) power supplies, CTX carrying case. Use for parts or as working notebook
if you get a replacement power supply. Or fix the 2 included power supplies.
The lack of CD/floppy can be overcome by using it on a LAN or try to fix;
TORiSAN 24x CD-Rom Drive Unit, Model CDR-U240-Z

NOTEBOOK PORT REPLICATOR Toshiba PA2711U                             $  25 USD

NOTEBOOK PORT REPLICATOR Toshiba PA3314U-1PRP                        $  25 USD

NOTEBOOK TTX CY27-15.0 PY2510 Performance Series based on Compal     $  79 USD
CY27 with XP Pro COA; Pentium M 1.8GHz 256MB RAM, CD-ROM; battery (may be
dead); system powers up and POSTS and lets you in BIOS; no hard drive so can't
test for booting windows; seems to include all misc parts including hard drive
caddy (but no drive in it); includes power supply; condition is pretty beat up
but functional

AC ADAPTER (A/C AC/DC transformer) Joden JOD-41U-27 DC 5V 1A         $  23 USD
positive in middle; round connector

AC ADAPTER (A/C AC/DC transformer) TPV Fujian ADPC12416BB 12V 4.16A, $  62 USD
medium round connector 5mm outer diameter w/inner (positive) metal rod

AC ADAPTER (A/C AC/DC transformer) for Fujitsu E-series notebooks    $  54 USD
c2001 and others, Samsung PSCV600104A 16V 3.75A, big round connector 6mm outer
diameter w/inner (positive) metal rod; 100% working great; plastic insulation
and part of metal shielding is exposed near end, needs some electrical tape



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