[aix thinkpad] ARC Y2K-compliant?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Apr 30 13:30:02 CDT 2003

> right corner. Is a Y2K-version of ARC available somewhere? Otherwise, is
> there a hack to display post-Y2K date properly (maybe by directly
> altering some HEX data of the executable file)?

I'm not aware of any official IBM release to support Y2K ARC.  They
officially stopped supporting the TP:PPC well before 2000.

As for just changing some hex data, that won't work as parsing/
displaying dates is a very complex issue requiring a proper
(non-trivial) date parsing library.

However, isn't everything OK once you get in the OS?  ie: you can run
NTP to fix the date.  I guess the boot logs will still appear to be from
1903, but that shouldn't really hurt anything.

Good luck!

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