[aix thinkpad] nailed it!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Jun 13 09:03:52 CDT 2003

On 29 May, Federico Lucifredi wrote:
> Ha! got it!
> The setup had been made on et0, not en0. I have never seen an OS with choice
> of Ethernet framing... Oh, well, live and learn=)

Sorry for the delays on this, I got 700 emails behind...

Ya, it was en0.  I thought et was for token?  You're right, the OS
should figure it out for you... oh well, guess IBM was lazy that day.

> One thing is left - I got no manpages - What package should I install ? (I
> have InfoExplorer installed, but even basic things like man man are still
> returning "there is not an entry for man".

You'll want the info explorer and man filesets.  If you don't have the
info CD (most people don't -- extra $$), then you'll just get limited
info pages.

The man fileset is bos.*.man.* something?  I'm just guessing... it's
been a while and I currently don't have access to an AIX box.  Other
ideas would be bos.*.doc*.  I'd go through the entire list and install
anything that looks useful.  Can't hurt!

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