[aix thinkpad] Getting my hands on a RS/6000 compatible laptop..

JFKRecords at gmx.de JFKRecords at gmx.de
Fri Oct 24 16:48:50 CDT 2003

Hi !

Ok - this is most likely not the best way to start contributing to aixtp,
however I am in a search for a unix laptop - since I have a RS/6000 c10 at home
& love AIX 4.3, I'd like to have a mobile machine on which I can learn
programming under AIX on the ways from / to work / the university..

Unfortunately I am located in Germany, and I have just seen *one* machine
during the last 2 years.. in case you could give me a hint where I should/could
start looking (despite of eBay) so that I'll have one at least until the end
of my exams ;-).

Are there any resources in the net which deliver such parts as keyboards,
batteries  & detailed information for those specific models (820,815(?))..

Many thanks in advance,

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