[TECnewhw] New Product: CD Storage Case

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon Feb 27 20:26:30 CST 2006

There's a neat new product that might interest you if you have a lot of
computer CD's, audio CD's or DVD's: an aluminum CD/DVD storage case that
holds up to 510 CD's (outside of their jewel cases).

Tough light weight aluminium CD storage case / DVD storage case with
handle and lock.  Comes with 255 hanging CD holders which take 2 disks
each.  Index inserts for quick identification, each folder is also
individually numbered.  Ideal for storing big collections, for DJ's
or for DVD presentations.  Can be used to transport any type of CD
and DVD media safely and securely.  The 510 CD and DVD Carry Case
is 3 compartments wide with a strong metallic finish featuring strong
plastic indexed sleeves.  Hard plastic cover, aluminum style design
makes this a hot-looking storage case for CD and DVD software, music,
games and movies.

    * 255 CD sleeves (plastic)
    * Holds up to 510 CD's and DVD's
    * Dimensions: 12" x 17" x 7.5"

See a picture at http://tecnopolis.ca/tecnopolis/products/cdstorage.jpg

Price is $37 for one.  $35 each for two or more purchased together.

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