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Rowan Hawkins rjhawkin at nand.net
Thu Dec 2 15:05:02 CST 2004

Hello Trevor et al,

   Found your very useful page and though I would fire you off 
some other tidbits and questions

   On the harddrive, there is a flash memory company which makes a
2.5"  form factor SCSI interfaced flash drive product, the drive size
is up to 30G but that costs a shiney penny.  I think it was around
$10K US for the bigest one.  After much searching I managed to find
one IBM Original 1.2G drive in the field but the company wanted $800+
for it.  I think the company was in Texas.

   I have had this little beast since '99 and wish I had come across
your site back then.  My system has 4.1.5 loaded on it, but it is
corrupt and I have been unable to locate media to re-install it.  I 
would love to load 4.2.1 on it, the lowest I have seen go by on eBay 
has been 4.3 which isnt going to cut it. - any thoughts on how to 
locate media?

   I received the box fully setup from a leasing company with no
media.  It is a 7249, though which 7249 I am confused about.  The
front says Power Series 850, is that an 850 or an 851?  

96M of RAM
a 1.2G Drive
Ethernet II - have both the 10bt and 10b2 dongles.
IBM Modem PC card - no dongle
AIX 4.1.5 installed but messed up (boots but has an error and if you 
ignore the error it wont shut down [I have been sync; sync; sync; 

The little I have been able to glean from various places on the net 
is located at http://www.nand.net/~rjhawkin/ppc850tp

The only problem I have ever had with IBM's website is conflicting 
information.  They seem to be good at it, or maybe that is because the 
documentation for these systems is scanty at best.

Rowan - Its Better Manually - Hawkins

He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.
                -- M.C. Escher

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