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Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Dec 2 16:37:37 CST 2004

On  2 Dec, Rowan Hawkins wrote:
>    On the harddrive, there is a flash memory company which makes a
> 2.5"  form factor SCSI interfaced flash drive product, the drive size
> is up to 30G but that costs a shiney penny.  I think it was around

That's neat... I'll add that to the site.

>    I received the box fully setup from a leasing company with no
> media.  It is a 7249, though which 7249 I am confused about.  The
> front says Power Series 850, is that an 850 or an 851?  

The 7249 is a 851 even though it's labelled as the 850.  They never
labelled the marketable product as 850.

> The little I have been able to glean from various places on the net 
> is located at http://www.nand.net/~rjhawkin/ppc850tp

I hadn't seen that site before... I'll add a link to it on my site.

> The only problem I have ever had with IBM's website is conflicting 
> information.  They seem to be good at it, or maybe that is because the 
> documentation for these systems is scanty at best.

There used to be tons of docs on IBM's sites, but that was back in the
mid/late 90's.  They seem to have moved/decommissioned most of the docs
making it very tough, I agree.

Good luck!

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