[aix thinkpad] Installing WinNT 3.51 onto 820 without a floppy drive

Tero Kaarlela tero.kaarlela at kotinet.com
Sun Jun 19 17:48:36 CDT 2005

Trevor Cordes wrote:

>On  9 Jun, Tero Kaarlela wrote:
>>   Is there a way of installing Winnt 3.51 or 4.0 from CD onto 820 
>>without a floppy drive? I can get to cd from Open firmware prompt. I 
>>have heard that file setupldr can  be ran from there somehow but I have 
>>no idea how.
>I believe you need to boot from the "ARCLOADER" floppy, the image of
>which is available on the IBM FTP sites linked from my web page.  I've
>never tried NT on TP but lots of people used to do it.
>What you'd do if you don't have a FD drive is anyone's guess.  It might
>not be possible.  Wait to see if anyone else here knows any tricks.
Problem solved this is how i did it:

1. Downloaded arc disk image
2. used linux dd to write it onto SCSI hd
3. Hooked that hd externally to laptop
4. Booted from it

Works ok :)


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