[aix thinkpad] Hardware Maintenance Manual

Walter Miller millerwd at pacbell.net
Mon Jun 19 11:40:47 CDT 2006

Has anyone ever seen a copy of IBM document S30H-2388, the hardware maintenance manual for the power series Thinkpads? I am trying to put together a step by step guide to disassembly like the ones in the HMM's for other Thinkpads. So far I have my 860 about half way apart, and have found that it is put together very much like the 755C Thinkpad. The 755C HMM is available online. The battery technology for these two series of Thinkpads is also similar, and I also plan to breadboard the battery system to see if 755C components can be used to rebuild a 760 battery pack. Any tips would be appreciated.
  Regards, Walter  
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