[TECnewhw] wireless (wi-fi) networks

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Dec 6 08:52:16 CST 2003

The following is a poignant article about the need for caution when
implementing a wireless network.


I strongly urge anyone setting up a wireless network to consult with me
if they don't think they know how to set up all the necessary security
protocols themselves.  Configuring these things correctly is non-trivial
and most people don't bother -- leaving themselves wide open to attacks
and misuse.

While the article describes existing wireless security as
non-bulletproof, it is the best they have right now and discourages
most hackers from bothering with you.  It's like "the club" for cars.
It won't guarantee your car won't get stolen, but it does make the
thief far more likely to just move down to the next car instead.

If you have a wireless network that was configured by me (and it has
not been tampered with), rest assured it is using all methods of
currently available wireless security to protect your network.  It is
the same level of protection I trust in my home.  As newer
higher-security standards are introduced I will keep you posted for
possible upgrades.

Lastly, if you like the idea of wireless but thought it was too
expensive, think again!  It is now super cheap compared to what it used
to be.  The hardware costs to allow 2 machines to be wireless
(including a base station) are now well under $200.

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