[TECnewhw] hot deal on 17" digital LCD

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Apr 13 11:23:09 CDT 2005

I have one unit left at an extra special price of ViewSonic VX715 17"
digital LCD with DVI input.  This is the *digital DVI input* type of LCD
that provides for optimal viewing quality for use with a DVI-capable video 
card (white connector).  If you want the ultimate in sharp, precise 
picture quality, you want digital DVI.  Don't settle for low-end 
analog-only LCD monitors!

This is a special one-time deal, first come first serve, for only $389 +
taxes.  The MSRP of this LCD is $449.  Includes digital DVI and analog

If you have a relatively recent/modern computer and don't have a 
digital DVI-capable video card, I sell entry-level (great for work, bad 
for 3D games) 8X AGP DVI card for only $49 and can give trade-in value for 
your existing card.

This LCD will also work on older analog cards (even ancient computers!) if 
you want to use it as analog for now and digital later when you get a new 

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