[TECnewhw] BIG Clearance Sale

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Jul 20 16:27:43 CDT 2005

As the Kern Hill guys would say, "we have too much inventory, we 
overbought again".  Tecnopolis is having a big clearance sale and wants to 
make you an offer you can't refuse.  Please look through this list to see 
the great deals.  All items are limited (many to just one) so let me know 
immediately what you are interested in.  Most items are used, but some are 
new.  I will provide at least a 30 day warranty on every item but 
otherwise all sales are final.

If you buy $40 or more I will deliver anywhere in Winnipeg for free on a 
weekend soon.  Less than $40 I will deliver for a special one-time price 
of $4.  Or you can arrange pick-up.

I have tons of other used and clearance parts for sale on my web lists at 
http://www.tecnopolis.ca/forsale/forsalec.html so check it out afterwards.

Thanks for your continued support!

VIDEO CARD FOR GAMERS AGP 8X MSI Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB
dual/VIVO/DVI high-end video card.  Was the mid-high end $300 card from
1.5 years ago.  This is a killer gaming card.  Great for the aspiring
high-end gamer on a low budget.  Will work in most late-era P3 and all P4
AGP systems.  Includes brand new high-end Cool Viva heatsink and fan for
reliable running.  Includes original box and all software.  Used.  90-day
warranty.  The fancy heatsink means it won't fit in some systems with 
tight spacing.  Ask for details.  $60 (1 only!)

CD-RW burner drive, LG 52X burner (NOT a DVD burner), used for a few days 
then traded in for a DVD burner, works 100% great, best brand name for 
quality/reliability, includes Nero burning software.  Warranty until Jan 
15, 2006.  $30  (normally $39!)

CPU Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz, trade-ins, perfect 100% functioning, includes
original Intel heatsink and fan, retail box and plastic holder.  I have
matching motherboards to go with these if you want to create the core of a
complete system.  1.7's are only compatible with motherboards supporting
"Willamette" CPU.  Many available.  Remainder of Intel 3 year warranty
will apply (usually 1-1.5 years left).  CPU only $45

CPU Intel Celeron 1.8 GHz, same description as the 1.7 above.  $49

CPU Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz (100 bus), can build into complete system with 
matching motherboard.  Would make an excellent low-mid-end system for 
office work or internet.  Price negotiable and extremely affordable.

REMOVABLE HARD DRIVE BAYS allow you to easily remove your hard drive from
a computer and move it to another computer, or have many different hard
drives you can put into 1 computer at different times.  It fits into the
5.25" bays (over or under your CD drive) and has a keylock in front. 
ATA33 (older and 66 (newer) models available.  Many available if you want 
to put one in each computer.  $10 to $15.

ATX POWER SUPPLY, lower end models get the job done without any frills but 
aren't as good as the high-end Enermax/Vantec I usually recommend.  
300-400W.  Good as a spare or backup or replacement for use in a low-end 
system.  Brand new models with 30-day warranty: with P4 connector: $13;  
without P4 connector: $11.  Used, working models available for $4 less.

ATX MINI-TOWER CASE, standard size computer cases in different looks / 
bay-counts.  Can use to build into a full computer with other parts (ask).  
Can add ATX power supply (see above for prices).  Used.  $14-$20

MICRO-ATX DESKTOP CASE, fits standard M.ATX boards for a slightly 
smaller form factor (save space!).  Nice brand-name case has 2 5.25" bays 
exposed in front.  Includes non-P4 ready power supply.  Used.  $29

MICRO-ATX DESKTOP TOWER CASE, fits standard M.ATX boards for a super small 
form factor (save space!).  Cute, stylish brand-name case has 1 5.25" bay 
exposed in front.  Includes P4 ready power supply.  Used.  In-Win L545 
(see http://www.in-win.us/in-win/index.php?cPath=7_13 ).  $59  (was $73!)

HARD DRIVE MAXTOR 40 GB IDE/ATA 7200rpm brand new RMA replacement, 6 month
warranty: $54 (was $70!)

HARD DRIVE SEAGATE 80 GB SATA (serial ATA) 7200rpm used for less than 2 
hours for testing, supports SATA-2 NCQ capability.  5 year mfr warranty 
until Dec 2009.

OLDER CPU AND MOTHERBOARDS Celeron 300 to 366 available to build into 
complete low-end systems for super basic internet or word processing 
machines.  Prices negotiable and extremely affordable.  Can build into 
complete systems on your spec with mix of new/used parts.

FIREWIRE CARD, add IEEE1394 firewire capability to your computer so you 
can hook up your digital video camera.  Includes software.  Used.  $18 
(was $40!)

P4 MOTHERBOARDS Socket 478 type, different ones available, the older ones 
will be extremely affordable.  Can build into a complete system with other 
parts (new and/or used).  Used.  $ask

MOUSE "AirMouse 8D" with strange scroll-wheel-like knob.  Nice mouse but 
it's hard to double-click.  Have a computer that doesn't need much 
double-clicking?  BLOWOUT 2 available $2 each.

MOUSE HIGH-END extremely nice form-fitting ergonomic IBM ScrollPoint mouse 
with 3 buttons and a scroll knob.  USB and PS2.  Ball-based (not optical) 
for that precise, rich and heavy feel you can only get with a ball, for 
those of us left who still like that better.  Brand new and impossible to 
find elsewhere:  $22 (90 day warranty)  (was $50 originally!)

HEADPHONES WITH MICROPHONE (mic is on a boom), cheapish but decent and 
works, $6  (was $14!)

LAN ETHERNET CARDS 100baseT PCI, many different brands/models, used, $4-$8

WIRELESS PCI CARDS for normal sized computers.  Both B and G available.  
Used and new.  30 day warranty.  $10 off BestBuy/FutureShop best 
advertised non-rebate price for the same (or similar) brand.

WIRELESS USB STICKS great for desktops and notebooks for occasional 
wireless access.  Not always great for long-term use because sometimes it 
must be removed and plugged back in because it gets confused.  Sticks into 
any USB port.  MSI brand, "B" speed.  $20  (was $50!)

RAM MEMORY, DIMM style PC100 and PC133, 32, 64, 128 and 256MB available.  
Too much inventory means I'll give you an amazing price!  Ask!  Add some 
speed to your aging computer with a memory boost.  Will make sure you get 
a compatible stick.

GAME "Find Marilyn Monroe's Killer" adult puzzle solving adventure game, 
CD only, $1 no returns

CD-ROM "Go Digital MAGAZINE" with different interactive articles about
beer, etc.  2 versions available: 1 with a video of girls in bikinis and 1
with R-rated nudity.  $2 each, no returns.

VIDEO CARD AGP 4X ATI Xpert 2000 card, great for P3 era systems like 
MSI-6337 boards.  If you're using onboard video still and want a good 
speed boost, adding a discrete video card will do it for not much money.  
Used.  $25

VIDEO CARD AGP 8X ATI and Nvidia low-end cards, great for P4 systems with
AGP slots.  If you're using onboard video still and want a good speed
boost, adding a discrete video card will do it for not much money.  Also
makes a great business-use (non-gaming) card for new or used systems. 
Used.  $44

MAC PowerMac Performa 6320CD 112 MHz, complete system with 14" monitor,
upgraded RAM, all original boxes and tons of software, ready and working,
works great.  Gorgeous condition.  We are the original owners.  Includes a
TV tuner so you can plug an antenna or Shaw directly into it and watch TV! 
Slow by today's standards but a perfect working extra system for web
browsing, home productivity and games.  $299

TOWER CASES, old AT style from '90-'97 (486 and Pentium 1 days).  Tons of 
different styles and models, most with working AT power supplies.  Have a 
use for large hunks of metal boxes or want to put in old parts?  I need 
the space so make me an offer!  I have 486 and P1 internals that I can 
include for insane blowout prices!

P3 600MHz board and CPU, can build into complete decent system.  Ask!

INTERNET ROUTER/FIREWALL appliance allows you to share your Shaw or MTS
HiSpeed connection with many machines and have them all protected by the
firewall.  DLink and Netgear models available.  Used, 90-day warranty. 
$27 (was $50+!).

14" MONITOR colour, used, 800x600 only, older style but excellent picture.  
30-day warranty.  Makes a good spare or testing monitor.  $29

17" MONITOR colour, used, 1024x768, excellent picture. 30-day warranty. 

MICE PS2 and SERIAL models, many to choose from, all working OK, basic 
used older models.  I bring the box, you pick the one you want!  $4 each.

PRINTER Brother HJ-400 inkjet uses easy to find Canon BC-02 carts, works 
great, support both PC and Mac computers (non-USB so works on older 
computers too).  Used, 30-day warranty.  $39 with Mac cable.

SPEAKERS pair with subwoofer, really rocks!  Used, and has an audible buzz 
when nothing is playing (inaudible when playing music loud).  BLOWOUT: $10

ZIP DRIVES and disks.  Still using ZIP's?  Better buy a spare drive or 
some blank disks for when you have a problem.  External parallel drives 
and many disks available.  Prices negotiable, ask!

IDE HARD DRIVE CABLE thermally covered and rounded to provide for batter 
airflow around the cables, easier cable management and cleaner looking 
computer internals.  Quality Vantec brand.  $12  (was $19!)

PRINTER SWITCHBOX for parallel port printers allows you to hook 2 printers 
up to 1 computer or 2 computers to 1 printer.  Automatic-sensing and 
manual switch varieties available.  $13  (was $20!)

SPEAKER EXTENSION CABLE 20 feet minijack (like headphones) jack style, M 
one end, F other end, allows you to put your speakers up to 20 feet away.  
Useful for non-computer speakers and minijack devices.  $4  (was $10!)

USB A/A type cables.  NOT the A/B type most devices use.  It is rare for a 
device to use A/A but if you have one, I'll let you have either a 10 or 
15' cable for only $3!  (was $19!)

USB A to mini-B cable.  mini-B is used on a few cameras and camcorders and 
other small peripherals.  There are many different mini-B types so it's 
hard to guage if this is the right one.  $5  (was $13!)

HARD DISK FAN fits into a 5.25" bay above or below your CD drive and has 3 
fans that blow air directly onto the harddrive you mount behind it with 
the kit.  Keeps your hard drive cool and extends its life and reliability.  
An excellent product.  I have used (bit noisy) ($9) and new ($14) ones 
available.  (was $20!)

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